How Women With Facial Hair Deal With Their Situation?

Call it outdated. Call it unfair. Call it oppressive. Still, the reality is that facial hair on women is ‘unnatural’ and unattractive. The good news is that cultural stereotypes are bound by cultures. What is ugly or unattractive in one culture isn’t necessarily ugly or unattractive in another culture. Take stretch marks, for example. In the US, stretch marks are viewed as so ugly that many women have work done to get rid of these marks. In Mauritania and other countries, stretch marks are looked on more positively. Take weight, example. In the US, women with big butts or heavy women are looked at by the majority culture as unattractive. In other countries, ‘thick’ women are prized. In fact, thin women, those who would otherwise get lots of looks in the US, are deemed quite unattractive. Culture and the definition of beauty matter. You just have to keep this in mind when analyzing how women with facial hair deal with their situation. Tastes change. Societies change. Still, we have to deal with reality as it presently exists.


women with facial hair

women with facial hair

Fight it

The first approach is a no-brainier. For many women with facial hair, the first, and often only, approach is to fight the problem head on. This means applying depilatory creams, undergoing electrolysis, and other methods to take out facial hair Not only can this be quite expensive; it can also lead to feelings of insecurity if the woman involved feels that there is a ‘rough spot’ or a spot that was missed. Still, taking out facial hair is a huge industry in the US. Thankfully, there are low-cost approaches as well. You can try waxing regularly.


Conceal it

Another approach used by women with facial hair is to conceal their facial hair This involves creative makeup. You have to keep the hair short enough for this to work. Otherwise, the length of the facial hair might make the makeup look bad. Instead of looking discreet, your makeup is basically inviting people to take a closer look to see what exactly is going on. This approach takes quite a bit of work but it can be done. Paired with fighting hair growth, this is a viable approach. Prepare to devote a few minutes to it every day.


Be proud

Women who proudly display a full beard or a thick mustache no longer have to be members of the circus. As beauty standards change and the broader society has grown to accept a greater diversity of personal looks, women with facial hair who are tired of the effort and expense of fighting facial hair are coming out and embracing their hirsute natures. Some TV talk shows feature such women from time to time. This approach is the best if you are tired of trying to live up to society’s standards of how you should look.



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